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Clothing Ideas

Clothing Suggestions

Keep it simple: Solid colors work best and help keep the focus on the person/family and not the clothing. Creams, pastels, blues, and jean material works well. If your session is for a group or family, the group’s clothing should coordinate. Keep colors in the same palate; such as Fall colors, pastels or blue and browns look great together as well. Shoes stand out at times so bare feet or very plain shoes (similar coloring for groups) work best. Layers are great! Jean or simple jackets are easy to toss on and change up your look. Scarves can be a fun addition as well. Bring a few things to choose from and we can decide together what will work.

Senior Clothing Suggestions

We want to make sure that you look great! And it all starts with what you decide to wear. We've put together some great tips for you! Just remember these are only guidelines to get your started on deciding what to wear.

Bring more outfits than your session allows (on hangers please) and together we will choose the best outfits for your session.

- MOST IMPORTANT: Bring your clothes on a hanger, not in a duffle bag.

- Bring a variety of clothing, think summer, fall and winter, not just summer.

- Long sleeves look best, short sleeves are OK but for girls they can make your arms look fuller so use your best judgment.


Solid colors look best, busy patterns or big logos can be very distracting.

- Wear a variety of clothes for different looks to bring out all your personality traits.

- Accessories add a lot to your outfits so feel free to compliment your look with scarves, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, caps, shoes or belts.

- For girls, be sure to bring a strapless bra for tops that require it.

- Pants should be darker than your top; jeans, dark khakis and black pants photograph well. Lighter colored pants will make your hips look fuller.

- We suggest long pants rather than shorts.

- Dresses and skirts photograph well too and add some nice variety to your portraits.

- Try to avoid white dresses or white shirts unless they are under a sweater or jacket. White tends to wash out and takes the attention away from your face and onto your white top.

- Yellow is not a great color to be photographed in because it competes with your skin tones.

- Bring shoes, sandals, boots, etc. to match your outfits.

- Feel free to bring in any sports or hobby outfits and equipment. We have lots of ideas for creative shots.

Extra suggestions for Girls

Professional Makeup and Hair is Available: We can plan a time when our make-up and hair specialist will meet you right here at the studio and do your make-up and hair before your session. For $95 you will have a complete hair and make up make-over; not glamour make-up; it's you but only better. Ask us for details.

Please be sure to bring lip gloss! Nobody wants their lips to look dry. So lip gloss or lip balm works best.

Your hands will show in many of your pictures so please either have your nails completely free of polish or have on a fresh coat. Don't forget your toes; oftentimes we do barefoot shots too.

Tanning is fine but don't overdo it! If you get sunburned, you will not be happy with the results.

Please bring appropriate undergarments for every outfit. Be sure to bring a strapless bra for outfits that require it.

Extra suggestions for Guys

Please be sure you are clean shaven when you come for your session. We cannot remove facial hair during retouching.

Tanning is fine but don't overdo it! If you get sunburned, you will not be happy with the results.

Do not wear a cap to your session. You can certainly wear a cap for a part of your session; just don't wear it on your way.

Please, please put your clothes on a hanger. We do not want you to wear wrinkled clothes, we want you to look cool and wrinkled clothes are not cool.